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What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is good research into the realities of life in general and into the reality of the patient's life in particular.

The research done in psychotherapy must be done in the context of an important, loving relationship.

People are unique and complicated. Any psychotherapy that offers recipes oversimplifies and confuses rather than clarifies our understanding.          

Psychotherapy involves the therapist encouraging the patient to consider and eventually incorporate new beliefs about one's self.

The duration of psychotherapy depends on the nature and complexity of the problem and the person's willingness to work hard on these issues.

How Can Psychotherapy Help You?

Patients have described some of the following positive benefits:

Better quality relationships with clearer communications.

Better quality relations at work, with friends, and with family.

A heightened appreciation of life and greater self-awareness and self-love.


Greater self-love leading to greater compassion for one's self and others.



Feeling more justified about both experiencing and expressing anger, hurt, and anxiety.



Changing negative and inaccurate thinking and self defeating behaviors



Learning how new and healthier ideas can lead to healthier behavior.



Feeling more justified about both experiencing and expressing guilt, depression, anger, hurt, and anxiety.



Feeling stronger about being able to meet one's own needs.