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Referral Network

In the past 18 years, I have developed a network of well-trained and experienced therapists in the Boston area.  I serve as a referral network for patients who prefer to see someone in a different location or require a therapist with a particular specialty that Arbor Psychotherapy cannot offer.  I am happy to offer these referrals to patients at no charge. 


Counseling Referral Services

Wendy Reich has expanded her practice in recent years to include referral services. She maintains an extensive network of professional referral resources.


What Does Wendy's Practice Have To Offer?

A free 50-minute consultation for anyone seeking help choosing a therapist. This assists the consumer in understanding the purpose and process of psychotherapy.

Guidance on how to assertively ask questions when interviewing a therapist or gathering information about therapy services.

Information about the theoretical and practical approaches used in various therapies.

A better chance to achieve a positive counseling experience with a therapist who best meets your individual needs.


The decision to use a particular therapist is very personal and clients should make their own evaluation of the suitability of and their compatibility with a therapist based on a personal interview. Arborpsych and Wendy Reich do not represent that a referred therapist is necessarily right for a particular patient.